50 Clever Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Clubs

Check out these simple fundraising ideas that can be the perfect way to raise money for your sports teams without having to shell out too much time and effort. The middle school fundraising products that the students sell also play a big role in the success of the fundraiser. Cookie dough, the tried and true fundraiser that one may remember selling when they were a kid, still sells well.
This Mother’s Day, give attendees an opportunity to smile while also improving your school’s finances. Setting up an online auction through use of social media or using a site like Better World is doable and requires few volunteers. This event can be held in person through a local escape room or online through a company like Jam Group Events.
So naturally, we’ve got lots of ideas for fun fundraisers for schools. When you just want to let loose and raise funds in a fun way, these fun school fundraising ideas will get the job done. Since you’ll be working with local businesses, you want to help them out, too. By choosing a slow day and advertising the event at school and across social media, you’ll bring them more customers, making up for the amount they’re donating back. Put money into 100 helium-filled balloons and sell them for $10 each. Put $100 in one balloon, $50.00 in two, $20 in two, $10 in two, $5.00 in two, and $2.00 in the rest.
Ask for a small donation of only a few dollars and students can ditch the uniform and wear their own clothes for the day. These delicious treats are a new welcome addition to school fundraising! The pretzel rod carrier cases include 60 rods, each individually wrapped for freshness. There are 4 different gourmet coverings and I must admit I like them all, but if I had to choose my two favorites, they would be the rainbow sprinkles and the chocolate bits. These are such a great idea for an on-the-go snack and so affordable.
The cost for one tub of cookie dough ranges between $15 and $20 making this cookie dough affordable to all. And now, your school can promote and sell your cookie dough fundraiser through our new online platform. Norwood High School’s annual craft fair is a popular local event with over 80 crafters from all over New England. But in addition to being a fun way to shop, this successful fundraiser raises money for Norwood High School and other local organizations. The whole school helps set up the event, making it a true community event.
Gift cards, gadgets, and unique experiences are all good ideas. Finally, you’ll need to make sure you have enough volunteers on hand the day of the event, including people to set up, supervise, and tear down any physical materials. donations for nonprofits can provide plenty of helping hands, plus the MyBooster fundraising platform makes donation tracking and collection easy. Booster also offers unique variations on the Fun Run such as a Color Run or the indoor Glow Run.
If you are looking for ideas for primary school Valentine’s Day, you may find better luck asking parents for payments beforehand. You can spend time in weekly or monthly newsletters highlighting the event and posting online pre-payments. Advertise a combined athletic event ahead of time, where students face off against staff members and adults. It can be a great way for kids to have fun interacting with adults, and it helps involve the community. At the primary school level, you could have prizes such as heart-shaped stuffed animals, candies, coloring books or other thoughtful ideas. The point of a raffle is to engage students or parents and avoid high costs.