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Especially as a reseller, too, because that has downstream effects. I could take it, it might look good, and then down the line you find out and then it becomes this whole thing you have to unwind where, alright, gotta give you your money back then. So it was just not worth the risk at that point, as a reseller. There’s fake shoes with the process and they weren’t doing anything to that end. And again, and I’ll be clear about this, I’m not affiliated with Nike in any way.
Some stores do offer shoe delivery without the box, but these are specific cases that you should be made aware of before the final click of your order. Your suspicion might grow even before your face-to-face encounter with the new pair. If there are signs of damage, use or something grabs your attention at first glance, it’s best to investigate. In a statement on its website, StockX said it takes customer protection “extremely seriously.” The company also said it has spent “millions” fighting against counterfeit product proliferation. And if you’re buying off of other platforms, make sure you’re going for trustworthy sources.
Some good news here—your chances of buying a fake Alphafly are about to decrease. EBay is now rolling out its authenticity guarantee program, which will make sure your shoes are legit. Although a wide range of products are available on the marketplace, sneakers stand out on eBay. Around 6 million of them are sold on the marketplace annually, and with the abolishment of reseller fees on sneakers above $100, eBay has become a favourite marketplace for sneaker sellers and collectors. Counterfeits, on the other hand, affect a larger segment of the market.
In these circumstances, the design itself becomes indistinguishable, and the only difference lies in the materials. The threading on a pair of original sneakers is usually very consistent and precise. On the seams, you should observe the distance between each of the individual holes as well as the thread structure and quality. Imperfect seams being present even before you’ve worn the shoe can cause some doubts.
If you notice any signs of damage at first glance, it will be wise to investigate it further. Nike is accusing StockX of selling look-alike versions of its shoes and wants a federal judge to force the online marketplace to remove the alleged knockoffs from its website. Most branded sneakers are only put into circulation after multiple years of testing technologies, materials and shapes, so that the result is the most ideal possible protection of our feet. In the case of forgeries, similar processes don’t happen, resulting in unstable soles or unhealthy shaping of the shoe, which can lead to health problems, like swelling, bruises, blisters or even sprained ankles. You could say that similar negative situations can also be attributed to the official factories of large brands.
Getting a fresh new pair can be a euphoric feeling, especially when it’s something that’s hard to find on the market. As exciting as the joy can be, it really sucks to find out that what you’ve got is actually not the real deal. If you’ve ever been in this boat, or you’re trying to find a way to avoid being a victim of fake sneakers, here are some good tips to follow in order to avoid copping a pair of counterfeits. “Those four pairs of counterfeit shoes were all purchased within a short two-month period on StockX’s platform,”saidNike in a court filing Tuesday. Actually, online brand protection experts and marketplaces need to work together to eliminate fake, grey market, and any other IP infringing products from the market. If we all do our end of the bargain, we can make the world a safer place for consumers and brands alike.
Sight and touch come in handy, but the most important sense for this task is smell. First of all, Sneaker Con experts unpack the products and check the boxes as well as packing material. Often, these are not made from the same raw materials and/or have a slightly different design and colour scheme. Ever since their invention in the late 19th century, sneakers have had a solid place in people’s wardrobes. However, their overwhelming popularity began in the second half of the 20th century, and they slowly but surely made their way into everybody’s leisure wear.