Get New Clients By Donating To Silent Auctions

Don’t fret, there is a formula for calculating the perfect number of silent auction items for your event. A silent auction involves several things, but primarily a set of tables nicely dressed with items on display for attendees to make bids on. These bids, unlike in regular auctions, are made through writing down your identification number or name, with your bid, on a sheet of paper attached to the item desired.
One of the real thorns in the side of gala attendees is a slow check-out for auction items at the end of the night. Typically, people are tired and ready to head home after an emotionally exhilarating evening and the last thing they want to do is wait in lines for their items. At Hazeltine, we’re fortunate to have a staging area that is highly effective in expediting the check out process. When our guests hold silent auctions in our pre-function area, their volunteers will move auction items from the floor in the pre-function space into a staging area. Here items are clearly marked and prepped for hand-off at the end of the night. Here’s our catering sales manager, Jan Hillius talking about how we do this at Hazeltine.
This means having access to items that will encourage donors to bid, not once, but many times. One such auction software is Ultimate Auction Pro, a powerful platform designed specifically for silent auctions. With its user-friendly interface, automated bid updates, and secure payment processing, Ultimate Auction Pro software simplifies the auction management process and enhances bidder engagement. By utilizing this software, you can create a seamless and efficient bidding experience for your participants, ultimately driving higher participation and fundraising results.
Use this Silent Auction Acknowledgement / Thank You Letter Template to get started with good event follow-up. There are tons of fundraising products that you can feature at your auction. People are attending your event expecting to leave with something, so those who don’t win items will likely love the opportunity to purchase merch. If you are unsure which bidding mode fits best, our expert team is happy to advise. Bidding on unique, rare or hard to value items can often exceed 150% to 200% of their value, so it is best not to include a Purchase now price for these items.
Keep in mind the purpose of your nonprofit organization when acquiring items, and be on the lookout for thematic synergy. If your organization is dedicated to wildlife preservation, animal-themed art and craftworks might resonate with the bidders, as well as provide opportunities for raising awareness. Fine dining opportunities may be in poor taste (so to speak) at a benefit to raise funds for famine relief.
With this feature, schools can ensure that their auction is always up-to-date and can make informed decisions to maximize sales. This is crucial since school-related items are regularly seen as a top-performing category; they average 329.62% return on starting bid price during Quarter 1 (GiveSmart Study). Additionally, the software can provide valuable insights into bidding patterns, helping schools plan future auctions more effectively.
Each basket is a collection of themed items, which makes it easier for a company or sponsor to assemble. Plus, leaning into a theme makes the item more desirable for bidders. Set your silent auction bid minimum for each item, and the increments available to your participants. Give best items for silent auction , upload photos, videos, and other rich media – and add an introduction to tell your participants all about your fundraising event.
Conducted without a auctioneer, these auctions are a great way for nonprofits to raise money. A successful silent auction requires careful planning, effective marketing, and attention to detail. To make the most money on a nonprofit silent auction, it’s important to engage and wow the bidders by creating a sense of excitement and competition around the event. So, if you’re ready to take your nonprofit silent auction to the next level, here are some tips to maximize your fundraising potential. Silent auctions are becoming an increasingly popular way to raise funds for nonprofits, schools, and other charitable organizations.